Stereo Decisis

Stereo Decisis

Angela Swan on COVID-19 and Force Majeure

May 18, 2020

On this episode of Stereo Decisis, Oliver Pulleyblank, Hilary Young and Robert Danay are joined by Angela Swan, who was recently described as "nothing short of a venerated celebrity in both Canadian contract law and the Canadian legal community at large."

Angela brings her decades of experience and expertise to discuss COVID-19 and contractual clauses such as force majeure and material adverse event/change. In so doing, she mentions Akorn, Inc. v. Fresenius Kabi AG - No. 2018-0300-JTL, 2018 Del. Ch. LEXIS 325 (Ch. Oct. 1, 2018), which is one of the only cases in which a court actually found that a material adverse change clause was properly invoked by a party to a contract.

In obiter dicta, Hilary recommends a podcast called My Dad Wrote a Porno, Oliver recommends the Raven DeBriefs podcast and Rob recommends a Netflix documentary called Circus of Books.

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