Stereo Decisis

Stereo Decisis

MAID in Canada

November 09, 2018

On this week's episode of Stereo Decisis, Hilary Young, Oliver Pulleyblank and Robert Danay discuss some recent developments in the area of medical assistance in dying ("MAID") in Canada. The discussion is sparked by the case of Audrey Parker, who had terminal brain cancer and elected to die earlier than she wanted because she feared losing the capacity to consent to obtaining medical assistance right before her death, as is currently required under the applicable legislation.

The crew also follow up on the resolution of Emilie Taman's Twitter blocking lawsuit against Mayor Jim Watson, changes to the law governing the transfer of inmates to Indigenous healing lodges and the ruling of the European Court of Human rights approving of the application of an Austrian law prohibiting blasphemy to a case involving statements made about the Prophet Mohammed.

In obiter, Hilary discusses the sending of shoplifting demand letters, Oliver discusses the spotting of a possible alien space probe and Rob discusses requests for portraits of Queen Elizabeth that have been swamping federal Parliamentarians in Australia.

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