Stereo Decisis

Stereo Decisis

The Skinny Dipping in a Shark Tank Edition

October 17, 2018

On this week's episode of Stereo Decisis, Rob Danay and Hilary Young are joined by their old colleague, Professor Howie Kislowicz of the University of Calgary Faculty of Law to discuss the proposal by the premier-designate of Quebec, Francois Legault, to ban the wearing of religious symbols by public employees as well as the lawsuit brought by Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy against Bell Media for failing to run her commercials.

In Obiter Dicta, Howie talks about WNYC's "More Perfect Album," Hilary talks about a study showing that climate change may double the price of beer, and Rob talks about a man who unlawfully skinny dipped with sharks in Ripley's aquarium.

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