Stay. with TaKisha August

Stay. with TaKisha August

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Mothering & Your Attachment Style
May 21, 2023

As a new mother, it's important to identify your attachment style by reflecting on your own childhood experiences and how you feel about closeness and intimacy in your current relationships.

How to begin healing
May 14, 2023

Healing is a journey that requires patience, self-awareness, and self-love. In this episode, we discuss some tips on how to start the healing process. - To learn more about TaKisha's work, visit www.t

The Frequency of 40: On growing and aging gratefully.
August 27, 2022

It's been one full year of the podcast and 40 whole years of my life. In this episode I'm reflecting on a few key lessons I've learned that I look forward to taking with me throughout the next decade

How to get unstuck after betrayal & embrace transition.
August 14, 2022

In this episode, we're talking about getting unstuck after betrayal and embracing transition. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to move forward when someone you trust has let you down. But trus

19. Self Preservation as a tool for conscious resistance.
June 28, 2022

In this solo episode, TaKisha shares thoughts and tools around navigating the chaos of everyday life and trying times alike. It is through our own practices, grace, and discernment that we heal and le

18. The Joyful Balance of Business Ownership, Full Time Employment and Raising a Family
June 19, 2022

Have you ever thought that in order to be fulfilled in your life, love and career that you had to choose? Choosing between motherhood and career...Entrepreneurship or employee...devoted parter or self

17. Forging a New Path & Finding Purpose Through Sexual Healing
March 12, 2022

In this episode, join TaKisha as she chats with Wellness and Sexual Health Educator Victoria Icenhower as they talk corporate burnout, finding the path that's calling you, and using pleasure as a comp

16. 3 Ways to Honor Energetic Boundaries in Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood
February 26, 2022

In this solo episode, TaKisha shares 3 ways you can honor your own energetic boundaries no matter what is going on in your household or the world at large.

15. Contemplation: Letting Love In
February 13, 2022

In this episode, join me (TaKisha) as I guide you through a contemplation and meditation to support you in letting love reside in your body. Allow this to be a tool you return to as often as you wish.

14. Moving Forward & Learning to Trust Yourself Again
February 05, 2022

In this solo episode TaKisha shares some guidance on reconnecting to your felt sense of "knowing."