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PODCAST | Seas and Greetings w/ Project Falkor
January 14, 2021

PODCAST 010 NOW AVAILABLE!! Al Miller, R.A. is not a mad man. But he did trade his Dual Masters in Architecture & Business along with a decade of designing skyscrapers and hotels in San Diego, CA to travel to Santiago de Chile to teach English and Eco-...

PODCAST | Keep Calm & F#ck Finding Your Passion
January 04, 2021

PODCAST 009 NOW AVAILABLE!! 2021 has arrived with the ‘new year, new me’ mantra everywhere. Millions of human tubes with teeth are inspired with resolutions and  following advice like ‘find your passion.’ That’s just shitty advice. In short,

PODCAST | 2020 Review w/ Todd
December 17, 2020

PODCAST 008 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this episode of staycurious.org Podcast, we roam through 2020 and the impact the ‘Rona had, share a few laughs recapping the year, and guessing how 2021 will turn out. Will we return to any sense of normalcy?

PODCAST | Bond, James Bond
December 17, 2020

PODCAST 007 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this episode of staycurious.org Podcast, we take a look at how 007, who is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952, has a dozen or so traits that we all can use to enhance ...

PODCAST | It’s All About The 6th Grade (AUDIO ONLY)
December 06, 2020

PODCAST 006 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this curious conversation, we get a glimpse of how compulsory school (K – 12) has been impacted by COVID-19, how both students and teachers always have a lot to learn, and how being able to ask for help is a sign of coura...

PODCAST | When Life Throws Thorns; Hunt For Roses (AUDIO ONLY)
December 06, 2020

PODCAST 005 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this curious conversation, we cover how the economic collapse of 2009 blended the need for sustainability and a passion for a green thumb, the vast amount of free resources out there for horticulture,

PODCAST | How Ben & Jerry’s Created ‘Caring Capitalism’ (AUDIO ONLY)
December 05, 2020

PODCAST 004 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this podcast, we dive into how quirky ice cream founders, Ben and Jerry, have been the poster case to create a new kind of company that is friendlier to social enterprise: the Benefit Corporation.

PODCAST | Momma-T in the House!! (AUDIO ONLY)
November 24, 2020

Podcast Episode 003 NOW available!! This podcast was such a special experience and one I will forever remember. The first ever guest has been a huge influence in my life and one of the most loving souls one will ever meet.

PODCAST | What is Creative Destruction? (AUDIO ONLY)
October 29, 2020

PODCAST EPISODE 002 NOW AVAILABLE!! In this podcast, we table the big P’s of 2020: prevalent protests, politics and pandemics. First, we dive into creative destruction. What exactly is it? Secondly, we see how creative destruction has and will impact l...

PODCAST | Find your inner da Vinci. (AUDIO ONLY)
August 20, 2018

PODCAST EPISODE 001 NOW AVAILABLE!! Did you know Leonardo was an illegitimate child born during what scholars have called a ‘Golden Age’ for Bastards? How did he fuel his curiosity? This was a man who believed ‘learning never exhausts the mind.