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Personalizing Healthcare IT
August 01, 2022

We explore some of the challenges, opportunities, and trends Michael Mover, CIO of Riverview Health, has seen in the healthcare industry.

Simplicity – The Hardest Thing in the World
July 25, 2022

Sandeep Akkaraju, CEO of Exo, is driven to create simplicity from incredibly complex technologies, specifically in the world of healthcare.

The Golden Rule of Customer Service
July 18, 2022

Joe Webb, founding partner of The SERO Group, takes us on his journey of 25 years in business and his focus on customer service.

If Gold is Our Destiny
July 11, 2022

Sean Murray's book is full of leadership lessons that technology professionals can use to set their careers forward.

The Journey Back to IT
June 27, 2022

Through the story of two immigrants from Cuba, we shine a light on a group of IT professionals who sometimes have to work for years to regain their profession in IT.

The Digital Transformation Manifesto
June 20, 2022

An exclusive interview with Jessica Carroll and Ray Sheen, two Institute for Digital Transformation fellows.

Planning Your Life in Tech
June 13, 2022

Craig Sroda, CEO and Founder of VCIO Global, discusses how he helps guide the C-suite to fulfillment at work.

Inside the Mind of a Recruiter
June 06, 2022

Eric Miller, Principal at Centerline Solutions, discusses questions recruiters ask and answers they are looking for from potential candidates.

Digital Transformation is a Mindset
May 31, 2022

Raymond Sheen, Founder & President of Product & Process Innovation, Inc., discusses Digital Transformation and the change in mindset required for success.

The Digital Experience
May 23, 2022

Charlie Araujo, Technology Analyst and Author of The Digital Experience Report, discusses how he is leading the charge into the Digital Experience.