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Startup Talk The Canadian Startup Podcast

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February 20, 2023

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, the founder of Cansulta joins the Startup Coach for this Startup Talk Podcast interview. Cansulta is a platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find and book consultations with vetted experts in a variety of industries. During the interview, Alexandra shares the inspiration behind starting Cansulta, how it differs from other consulting platforms, and the process of finding and booking a consultation. She also talks about the challenges faced while building and scaling the business, future plans, and the team behind Cansulta. This is a must-watch for anyone looking to start their own consulting platform or for those looking for an easier way to access expert advice.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, founder of Cansulta
  • Explanation of what Cansulta is and how it differs from other consulting platforms on the market
    • We’re AirBNB + Match + Upwork + Etsy combined for consulting—an online platform for businesses to access the expertise of vetted professionals, easily & affordably. We’re consulting for the modern era </div></body></html>