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39 – From Selling His Snapchat Filter Co. – To a Fashion-First Social Platform Like Never Before w/ Chris Schmidt of Pluto Ventures
July 19, 2021

Meet Chris Schmidt, the original creator of Snapchat filters and today, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pluto Ventures - a venture-backed artificial intelligence company that is leveraging the hyper-persona

38 – Starting a Social Enterprise and Leading With Love w/ Amy Tung of I Am Love
June 28, 2021

Meet Amy Tung, Founder of I Am Love - a social enterprise that is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to help our community thrive. In this episode, CEO and Founder Amy Tung speaks about her personal journey starting a social enterprise,

37 – Business, Balance, and BIPOC Beauty Brands w/ Felicita Ovadje of Felicheeta Artistry
June 14, 2021

Meet Felicita Ovadje - a practicing attorney and freelance makeup artist. With an eye for excellence, she identified a gap for products designed for people of color in the North American beauty industry and decided to be that change. Founded in 2014,

36 – Exceptional Content and User Experience w/ Ben Buckwold of ESL Library
May 31, 2021

The first ESL learning app in the Apple App Store

35 – Take Your Social Media to the Next Level w/ Social Media Expert David Dang
May 17, 2021

Instagram Tips to grow your business account to over 2M followers

34 – Finding Friends and Building Business w/ Katie Hartle of FriendMatch
May 03, 2021

The evolution of the online relationship industry

33 – Believing in Yourself and Your Business w/ Cheryl Zealand of Cranked Energy Bars
April 19, 2021

Giving back to the community through your business

31 – Starting a Meal Kit Subscription Box Company w/ Anthony Halyckyj of 204 Meal Prep
March 22, 2021

Meet Anthony Halyckyj, the Founder of 204 Meal Prep - a subscription box meal kit company that delivers convenient meal options direct to your door. In our conversation, Anthony shares with us the hurdles of the subscription business model,