Start From The Beginning

Start From The Beginning

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Start From the Beginning – Episode 28: Jessica Hightower
October 08, 2021

Our community is full of art, from the sculptures all around the area and murals on the buildings in St. Joseph and Benton Harbor as well as the galleries in the Arts District and beyond. Jessica High

Start From The Beginning: Episode 27 with David Krock
October 02, 2021

“Life is a struggle, so find something worth struggling well for..” That is what David Krock would title his autobiography. A pretty long title but it’s fitting when you learn about all the thing that

09-29-21 WSJM Afternoon News
September 29, 2021

09-29-21 WSJM Afternoon News

Start From The Beginning – Episode 26: Nathan Margoni
September 16, 2021

Artist, teacher, event host, the list goes on when it come to the many talents of Nathan Margoni! He titled this on “Golden Boy Hits Rock Bottom”, which is not only a catchy title but also you’ll

Flick Pick – Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
September 10, 2021

Flick Pick is a podcast about movies. In today’s episode, Andrew Green reviews Godzilla vs. Kong. This is a movie in which Godzilla and King Kong go toe to toe in an all out brawl. Who will

Start From The Beginning: She Kept Truckin’ with Meagan Francis – Episode 25
September 02, 2021

She isn’t a trucker but Meagan Francis could probably be one if she needed to be, because she is multi-talented in a variety of different things. A writer, podcaster, mom of 5, those are just a few

Start From The Beginning: Phil McDonald – Episode 23 part 2
August 20, 2021

Southwest Michigan is a better place because there are people like Phil McDonald in the community working hard every day. That drive and outlook on life comes from having a great family around him. In

Flick Pick – The Foreigner (2017)
August 19, 2021

Flick Pick is a podcast about movies. In today’s episode, Andrew Green continues his deep dive into the filmography of Jackie Chan with The Foreigner, a 2017 film in which Chan plays a man seeking rev

Start From The Beginning: Bobby Walker and Eddie Polk – Teaming Up to Help The Community
August 13, 2021

Bobby Walker is someone that has a passion for helping his community and one way help him do that is with another thing he is passionate about and that is Basketball. Along with his friend Eddie Polk