Start-Up Business Success Formula

Start-Up Business Success Formula

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Business & Leadership lessons from the US Presidential 2020 Election
November 15, 2020

As they say, learn from failures and fail forward or learn from potential missteps from other leaders from the historic 2020 US elections. What are key practical business pitfalls & take away lessons to consider that are timeless and foundational to busin

General tips for entrepreneur starting
June 23, 2020

Dos and don'ts reminders and unique perspectives for consideration. --- Support this podcast:

Start-Up Business Success Formula (Being Fair, Firm and Strategic)
January 13, 2019

1 of many series on starting and expanding your business. Tip 1. Document your business vision by doing a SWOT analysis StrengthsWeakness Opportunities Threats *business plan later2. Develop your Dream Team.3. Build a community of other like