Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Seth Gruber: Unaborted & Unashamed! Plus, the White Rose Resistance

January 31, 2023

TODAY’S GUEST: Seth Gruber is a public speaker focused on equipping Christians and pro-life advocates. The son of a pregnancy resource center director, Seth was raised in the pro-life movement and has been speaking publicly on behalf of unborn children since the age of 19. He travels and speaks in Christian schools, churches, pro-life training seminars, and for pregnancy resource center banquets, and engages in academic debate. 

He has spoken across the U.S. educating and equipping pro-life advocates to be a gracious and persuasive voice for unborn children. Seth Gruber is also a cultural and political commentator and host of the podcast, UnAborted! 

“Just a reminder in case you haven’t realize this yet: abortion is the greatest sacrament in the alternative religion of Secular Progressivism, or in this case Satanism. This misunderstanding between Liberty and Licentiousness is at the root of nearly every political disagreement today. Liberty is not the freedom to do whatever you want. Liberty is the freedom to do as you ought.”

“Liberty assumes a transcendent moral order. And when someone tries to defend the slaughter of innocent human beings by appealing to their “liberty,” you have a right and a DUTY to push back and stop their “licentiousness” from assaulting other people’s LIFE and LIBERTY.” Seth Gruber


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