Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Olivier Melnick: Antisemitism – Taboo to Transformed to Tolerated to Trendy

May 02, 2024

Mary chats with Olivier Melnick, a Jewish believer in Jesus from France, the son of Holocaust survivors and the grandson of one who was killed by the Nazis. He is an internationally known speaker on antisemitism. He holds a BA from Moody Bible Institute and a masters from Dallas Theological Seminary and  has been equipping believers to understand and fight antisemitism since 2000. He has written 5 books on the topic and contributed over 600 articles to print and digital media. He currently serves with Chosen People ministries as a US regional director and vice-president of their French work. We will catch up on the latest regarding the campus riots and how we find ourselves at this point. Antisemitism can uniquely spread around the world due to our global society; what happens in Israel can quickly be used against Jews worldwide. What will happen when the campuses break for the summer? Does it go to the streets of our nation? Are these students being groomed as future terrorists? What happens when hackers steal Jewish names from the internet? We may be in for much more terror at the hands of those who attend America’s “institutions of higher learning” who have no frame of reference for Mideast politics, let alone the biblical foundation for Israel and the piece of land they have been given by God.


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