Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Replay – Dave Jenkins: Contentment – The Journey of a Lifetime

April 15, 2024

Mary Danielsen chats with author Dave Jenkins of Servants of Grace Ministries about contentment and what it means to have God be our all-in-all. Dave calls it the "journey of a lifetime" not only because our trials and difficulties can be lifelong but because God is working a great weight of glory in each of His children. What would life be like if every trial we experienced came with it lasting peace and joy? As foreign or even impossible as that may sound to us today, we are being sanctified and renewed day by day, but conditionally -  if we can learn to wait, trust, and take every thought captive. Piece of cake, right? Maybe not that simple, but very achievable by the power of the Holy Spirit. In such a malcontent world, this is a timely discussion for those going through the ups and downs of life that may included anxiety, depression, and the pitfalls of being human. [PDF Transcipt]

"Contentment: The Journey of a Lifetime" is available here.


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