Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Dr. JB Hixson: Stage Setters, False Narratives, Rampant Deception

September 21, 2023

Dr. JB Hixson and Mary Danielsen continue their discussion of the rise of the False Prophet, the right-hand man of the Antichrist. A lot has been written about the final, brutal world leader but few have undertaken a close examination of the False Prophet and what exactly his role is in the final days. JB breaks down all the biblical action; Ai tyranny, Luciferian agendas, economics, and high tech IDs. JB’s book, “Spirit of the False Prophet” can be purchased online at major book retailers or the store at Not By Works Ministries.  Pastor, author, bible scholar – his understanding of both prophecy and the systematic study of the Scriptures is a blessing to the body of Christ. His regular podcasts can be found on any podcast app under “Not By Works Ministries”.

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