Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Replay – John Haller: Mideast Tensions Soar; Saudi Plays the Field; BRICS Ambitions

February 05, 2024

[Original airdate: 9/1/23] Due to some interesting tech issues from our last visit with John Haller, we decided not to pre-promote today's guest and topic, so here we go!

John and Mary discuss a variety of hot spots on the current scene: the Israeli/Lebanon flash point, Saudi Arabia and China mischief, and then the Saudi/Palestinian meddling. With so many fronts active, players are getting in place but the final configuration of so many scenarios is impossible to nail down. John will give us some insights into how this Fall could shake out in the Middle East. Then there is the BRICS economic bloc which seems to be headed for a greater economic impact in the world than previously designed for. As they consider expanding past the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa configuration, what kind of reshuffle might we end up with among the nations, and what will happen to the dollar? All this and more with John's quick mind and wealth of information.

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