Stop Riding the Pine

Stop Riding the Pine

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Colin Wayne How to Hire and Win with Your Employees | Ep. 250
September 19, 2018

Colin Wayne Colin Wayne is the Founder and CEO of Redline Steel, a customized steel manufacturing company inspired by design and relentless innovation to bring a level of quality unprecedented to what’s been seen in home decor.

Jason Treu Building a High-Performing Team | Ep. 249
September 03, 2018

Jason Treu Jason Treu (Troy) is an executive coach, podcast host and is the best-selling author of Social Wealth. He works with corporate leaders as well as with startups to maximize their potential and performance. “If you could find some links,

Scott Beebe The Power of Intentional Leadership | Ep. 248
September 02, 2018

Scott Beebe Scott Beebe is the Founder of My Business on Purpose. He is passionate about helping small businesses develop systems and processes, and is personally godsend to our businesses. “Once you decide that ‘I want to intentionally grow a culture’...

Gabe Arnold On Hiring a Copywriter for Your Business | Ep. 247
September 01, 2018

Gabe Arnold Gabe Arnold is the go-to guy when it comes to copywriting and marketing. For over a decade now, he’s helped tons of businesses through sustainable digital marketing and tech services made possible at his company called Copywriter Today.

George Zwierko & Mike Compton How to Produce a Successful Video Campaign | Ep. 246
August 31, 2018

George Zwierko & Mike Compton George Zwierko & Mike Compton are the Co-Founders of Three Chairs Production, a video production company located at Tampa, Florida. For five years now, they have brought people to an advanced level of brand experience thro...

Tim Fargo Why Bootstrapping Beats Being Funded | Ep. 245
August 30, 2018

Tim Fargo Tim Fargo is the President at SocialJukebox, a content management system that has helped brands to streamline their social media marketing campaigns. Today, he talks about the hustle myth and his own story as an entrepreneur. “By going away,

Josh Elledge How to Grow Your Business through Influence | Ep. 244
August 29, 2018

Josh Elledge Josh Elledge is a serial entrepreneur and U.S. Navy Veteran, who is passionate about helping his fellow entrepreneurs to level up their influence. With efficient strategies, they, too, can scale their businesses in the right direction.

Erik Seversen On the Path of Self Discovery | Ep. 243
August 28, 2018

Erik Seversen Erik Seversen is an Adventurer, Writer, Speaker, and Educator who helps others discover their own greatness, learn how to take action, and add passion and meaning to their lives. “There are times when the risk is deadly and it is always a...

Jeffrey Shaw The Key to an Irresistible Business | Ep. 242
August 27, 2018

Jeffrey Shaw Jeffrey Shaw speaks to entrepreneurs and business leaders alike about the value of using the right language to reach out to the right people. He’s a speaker, coach, photographer and podcast host. Today,

Jesse Cole A Customer Experience that Stands Out | Ep. 241
August 26, 2018

Jesse Cole Jesse Cole teaches fellow entrepreneurs how to rise above the noise and succeed. His baseball team, The Savannah Bananas, has sold out 32 straight games. Today, he imparts the things he’s learned with his book Find Your Yellow Tux.