Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Kevin Joyce – Changing Settings

December 15, 2022

Kevin Joyce had to make some changes because he felt like a zombie.

Kevin Joyce
Kevin, where did you start as an AT?  How long were you there?

US merchant marine academy as an intern

Elmyra college as GA for 2 years

SUNY Plattsburgh – 5 years

SUNY New Polts – Head AT

Post University in Conn – as head AT and head SC for 6 years ***huge burnout alert***

I had two young kids at home and woke up daily asking myself why I was doing this.

Got the opportunity to do DME.  It was an improvement but still a struggle

Worked clinical for 3 years in the PT clinic with a friend.

SUNY Oswego – works with a former student-athlete as the head coach.

I realized how I missed the college sports setting.

When you took that Head AT position, why was that too much too soon?

At that point, they had been without a head AT for about 8 months.

My previous spot was kinda a one horse town where everyone wanted to work with you.

At that location, it was more in a metroplex, that people were not begging to work with your team.

I did not realize what works in one place does not work in every place.

In some of our COVID meetings, I would not speak for the first 2 or 3 meetings.

Where are you now?

USNY Oswego

A lot of the older PTs gave me the autonomy to work with the patients as I saw fit.

The newer PTs were high and mighty.

I loved working with a diverse population, but I felt most comfortable with the college-age athlete.

I enjoy the unpredictability and chaos.

I enjoy having to problem-solve with evaluations and think and adjust on the fly.

Is this where you plan to stay?

I plan to be here.

What pushed you to change settings?

The change was what I needed at the time to reset and refocus.

I needed a challenge so I knew the DME and clinical jobs were not for me.

The need to create and improve was a driving force for me to come back to the college setting.

What held you back from moving on?


Am I setting myself up for failure

Will this provide for my family

We had to move back in with my 85-year-old mother to make the change.

My wife brought up the fact that I needed a change

Favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

Spoke with people in those positions

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