Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Running Analysis – Kimberly Gandler

September 14, 2022

Running Analysis is not just for the elite runner. Kimberly Gandler works with runners in all stages of the sport to help improve efficiency and reduce injury.

Doctor Mark Knoblauch from the University of Houston Master’s of Athletic Training program follows up on her presentation at the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.

Running Analysis
Running Analysis – who is it for?

If you are going to be a runner I would highly recommend getting a gait analysis

Shoes are important and going to a run-specific store where educated people can help you.

Fleet feet in Houston, Run on in Downtown

They can do that at Memorial Hermann on a cash pay basis.

Maximal vs Minimal vs Traditional shoes

That focuses more on cushion than support.

Think about the area you are running.  Your body can not handle constant banging on concrete.

Hoka and Merrel have a pretty low heel-to-toe drop

But if you switch to an ultra runner shoe then you need to retrain your body as if you are doing a couch to 5k.

How do you balance your style of running and the shoe you need

Change your style before changing your shoes.


If it is not broken do not fix it.

Look at the situation.  Do not mess up the time of an elite runner

Weight training can be the bridge to adjusting the form and help prevent injuries.

Late-onset runners – what are you seeing?

Those who pick it up later tend to have better form because they go with what feels right rather than trying to meet the expectations of some coach.

You do not have to go run if you hate it, there are plenty of other exercises.


Most people who sign up for a marathon to lose weight end up using it as a free pass

How do you make it fun for them?

If you do not like it then do not do it.  Find something you like and something you can maintain.

I found a way to enjoy strengthening after having 3 kids.

Watch Kimberly’s Presentation

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