Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Profesional Cutman Jovan Means

February 24, 2021

Jovan Means is an Athletic Trainer and a professional cutman. It would seem that these jobs conflict each other but Jovan shares how these professions work together for him.

Where does your Cutman story start?

16 years as an AT

DC native

Currently working in the same school system, he graduated from (not at the same school though)

Jovan has always been a fan of boxing and MMA and thinking “I always wanted to expand my skill set.”

One day he was watching a fight with his son and he said “Dad, that is similar to what you do.” 

Light bulb moment.

Started reaching out to cutmen in the area and Mike Rodriguez reached out to him and serves as his mentor.

Being a cutman is an inside job. You have to know someone to get your foot in the door.

Mike Rodriguez invited him to a cutman workshop and they sparked a friendship.

What about taping?

It takes Jovan takes 12 minutes to wrap one hand

Different classes and commisions have requirements for the amount of tape per hand.

Make gauze pads for knuckles.

Tape must be 1 inch from the knuckles.

Monitored by an official and the opponent’s team.

There are a lot of rules to follow.

Back to cutman business

You got 60 seconds to get in the ring, handle swelling, overheating, and out of the ring.

He has learned how to anticipate what injuries will be coming and how he will handle it.

2019 Jovan was in Las Vegas for NATA and there were a few fights in Las Vegas that he was able to shadow him.

Mike is really big in boxing; it was really a blessing for him to be connected with such a big name.

Chris Colbert allowed Jovan to walk out with him

Mike reminded him you gotta start in the trenches.  The Las Vegas week was pretty "big-time" but definitely solidified Jovan’s desire to grow in this field.

Jovan does a lot of volunteer work at a local boxing club.

Some cutmen do not tape for Jovan's fighters it is a bonus.

Ringside you get a 10-second heads up to jump into action.

Keep the “Enswell” tool on ice.

Jovan also uses an ice cream scooper to help with swelling.

Wound care is something we obviously know how to do as ATs.

What is your priority as a cutman?

Over the eye first - blood

Swelling before under the eye-bleeding

Nose plug

How do you stop the bleeding?

Dog ear cleaner q-tips

You are allowed some medicines, but you gotta know the rules.

Adrenaline chloride 1:1000 and other coagulants