Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures – 648

August 28, 2020

Have you tried installing Patient-Reported Outcome Measures into your practice as an Athletic Trainer?

“PROMs just tell a story” – Dr. Lam

Brian Columbe from Texas Luthern University and Dr. Kenny Lam join the Sports Medicine Broadcast today to help discuss what they are and how we can add them to our practice to add value to our services. This podcast was at the request of Ryan Pena, long time listener and Athletic Trainer in Dallas ISD

What are PROMs or Patient-Reported Outcome Measures?

Are there different types of PROMs?

Short form 36

Common body region measure – uses FAM

Single item measure – one item questions – numeric pain rating score.

May not be sensitive enough for our patients but the numeric pain scale relates to their understanding.

What is the current state of PROM use in AT? 

Fairly low about 26% of regular usage in AT

PT / OT is 30 – 40% so we are close to similar disciplines.

Usually higher with higher support staff groups

General lack of familiarity with PROM

What are the major barriers related to their routine use?

The main barrier is changing routines, habits, and culture.

Incorporating it into notes

What is your goal?  Use that and the single-item measures to set clearer exercises.

SCAT5 is a PROMs

How do we demonstrate the need for this to admin?

Increases difficulty when bringing in the AD or admin as they may not know or care.

As far as improving the situation, it is truly a case by case basis.

How do you reflect on these PROMs?

Allows you to formalize the impact

ATs are good at asking about the whole person.

We have not systematically assess those components across patient care

Formal single item measures every time a patient comes in.

Share some examples and stories of this being used?

Single item measure is a great place to start

START SIMPLE, build momentum, and expand from there.

Maybe – this year we are only going to focus on ankles and give the FAM for every ankle.

Resources: – article by Dr. Lam

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