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Sports Medicine Broadcast

Communicate to Grow – 606

January 01, 2020

How do you prefer to communicate? Does that style match the people you are working with?

Can you grow in your communication, make improvements, be more clear?

I struggle to communicate

I like to keep to myself, do my thing and not bother you unless I need something. Usually, when I do I am pretty cut and dry. I do not like to pretend to be interested or make small talk. However, this often appears I am only talking to you if I need something, and have no interest in you or your day, life, struggles, and joys.

Podcasting has helped me learn.

Marriage has helped me learn.

Conflict has helped me learn to communicate.

How can you grow?

Larry Cooper is a returning podcast guest and an old school AT (he is already retired). He joins Cari Wood and Todd Sabol as we find common ground between the new AT and the old.

Cari and Larry came up with a list of topics based on the most common complaints they see on AT social media.

Top 10 Communicate to Grow areas

1. Coaches (last min changes, late-night texts/calls, don't send athletes to you)

2. Parents (ER trips for no reason, don't trust you, come on the field when kid hurt)

3. Officials (Don't appreciate your safety concerns, flirt/demeaning, powertrips)

4. Athletes (Exaggerate everything, get info wrong or don't do it, don't show up)

5. Spectators (interject advice, stand in front of you, don't know what we do)

6. School Staff (take supplies, send you PE kids, let kids in AT room, unlocked)

7. Athletic Director (doesn't back you, no communication, low budget)

8. Colleagues (no communication, unprofessional on social media, don't help your kids at games)

9. Teams/Sports (SB-cheers from the dugout, Track – shin splints, Cheer – drama, etc)

10. Social Media (people who disclose too much, extreme responses that the commenter would never actually do, negativity toward the profession, etc)

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Communicate to GrowReport that coach!!!File a complaint with the officialDemand to be part of the team gear handouts…Sometimes the things we complain about are our own fault because we have not invested in relationships that foster communication…BUT someitimes it's not.Cari Wood, Larry Cooper and Todd Sabol share thoughts and experiences on how ATs on Social Media can grow by communicating.Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Thursday, 5 December 2019

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