Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Social Media Etiquette – 605

December 27, 2019

Dinner etiquette means starting with the outside and working your way in with the silverware. Social Media Etiquette is an everchanging environment but certain truths hold solid.

Is Social Media important for the Sports Medicine Professional?

YES! – there is so much to learn. Find a good knowledge stream on twitter or facebook and you will be completely filled. It can be a source of customers and advocacy as well as connection and mentoring.

CAUTION!!! – Social media can also become a breeding ground for decay if you choose to follow and engage with “dead fruit.”

Do these things

* Know your WHY* Start with ONE* Know your LIMITS* be YOURSELF* Remember there are real people reading these* CHECK your spelling and grammar* PROTECT patient privacy

Don't do these things

* Use foul/inappropriate language* Use inappropriate pictures* Share pictures of videos with ANY injury details* Think “permission to post” clears you legally* Forget there are real people on the receiving end* Be too serious* Forget your WHY

Tips and Tricks

* Be a sponge first* If you are new to Social Media start with one platform and be a creeper for a little while. Read posts, watch others and see what is normal for that platform.* Use different apps for different accounts* TweetDeck for Personal and Twitter app for Bussiness or* Hoot suite for all personal accounts and native apps for professional* Tools to check that spelling* Grammarly – checks spelling and grammar* PhraseExpress – allows me to type “SMB” and it automatically gets expanded to “Sports Medicine Broadcast”* TextExpander is another option

Social Media Etiquette for Sports Medicine – Jeremy Jackson LATSocial Media Etiquette for Sports Medicine – Jeremy Jackson LATPosted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Monday, 10 June 2019

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