Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Pregnancy in Athletic Training – 600

December 04, 2019

Pregnancy is difficult. Athletic Training is demanding. Pregnancy in Athletic Training can be demandingly difficulty.

Dawn Stuckey had twins while working as an AT for Rice University Soccer. She joins the podcast to discuss some of her stories to empower and encourage other ATs.

Kate Miller has expertise in prenatal and postpartum health and fitness and has written continuing education courses on the subject.

What are the struggles of Pregnancy in Athletic Training?

Dawn and Kate agree that asking others for help with things that you normally can do by yourself is one of the biggest challenges facing ATs while pregnant.

Kate, a 15-year fitness professional veteran and triathlete, was bed-ridden for a few weeks dealing with extreme vomiting. Not being able to push through is hard.

What modifications did you have to make?

* Listen to your body* Get compression socks* Comfortable shoes* Maternity clothes that make you feel good* Belly Band or similar to support you* Get a chair for practices* Sit in the press box with AC during outdoor events* Always carry a water bottle with you* Have multiple snack options available* LISTEN TO YOUR BODY

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Pregnancy in Athletic TrainingKate Miller and Dawn Stuckey team up to discuss pregnancy and the sports medicine professional. Dawn is an AT with experience working college sports.Kate is a PTA, fitness professional and educational director for CanDo Academy.Together they discuss the joys and challenges they faced and how they have adapted to to ensure a win win situation.Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What about postpartum?

EVERYTHING changes. energy levels, hormones, sleep patterns, needs for communication… Everything changes so be willing to go with it.

Postpartum Depression is real – seeking help from a qualified professional is usually the best option, but reaching out to a trusted friend and mother is a great start.

Your body has likely just gone through nine months of being broken down. Plan to invest nine months in functional movements with minimal resistance to return your body to its new normal.

Just like an AT would go step by step through any other Return-To-Play with an athlete a new mom needs to do likewise.

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