Sports Medicine Broadcast

Sports Medicine Broadcast

Dealing with Challenging Parents – 599

November 29, 2019

Have Challenging Parents?

I am not talking about your in-laws being challenging parents. We are not even discussing the relationship you have with your own parents.

Challenging parents and family members of patients can ruin your day and cause some serious headaches for Athletic Trainers.

Charlotte Koenig works for Memorial Hermann in risk management and knows a few things about dealing with challenging patients and family members.  Today on the podcast she gives us some great steps to follow when dealing with a challenging athlete, parent or coach and also helps us set and follow through with boundaries.

Are you someone who says, “I’m sorry,” often?

Charlotte believes that is a phrase that is empty and doesn’t have much substance   She recommends changing the “I’m sorry,” to “I apologize.”  

Use the 5-minute rule speaking with a challenging parent?

When Charlotte is engaged in a face to face or phone conversation with someone who is challenging she makes sure to wrap things up in about 5 minutes.  

Active listening and repeating back to them what you think they are saying can diffuse situations.  

One phrase she uses often is, “What I hear you saying is...”

When do you ditch email and talk to someone face to face?

“Compassion can’t come through text or email.”  Every person can insert there own emotion when reading a text or email so Charlotte believes that it is always best to communicate verbally when you are dealing with someone who might be upset.

How do you de-escalate a situation that has gotten heightened?

“Don’t throw fuel to the fire,” when dealing with someone that is challenging.  Remain calm, meet them where they are and see the whole person not just this incident.

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Dealing with the Challenging Patient/Family Member – Charlotte Keoning, BSN, RN, CPHRM, FASHRAMDealing with the Challenging Patient/Family Member – Charlotte Keoning, BSN, RN, CPHRM, FASHRAMPosted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Monday, June 10, 2019

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