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Sports Medicine Broadcast

Leadership Failures – 591

October 30, 2019

Dr. Rene Shingles joins John Ciecko to discuss some of the characteristics that lead to leadership failures.

In the book by Stanley McChrystal: Leaders Myth vs Reality the section title Zealots is the focus of our leadership failures.

What are Zealots?

A quick Google search yields this definition: a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

“The moniker “zealot” can imply the erasure of conventional behavior, where anything is justified in support of the goal. 

Leaders who inspire others to seemingly irrational commitment are a special breed that can generate hurricane-like winds of disruption and change.”

Who are our zealots

Robespierre – Lead a revolution from the solitude of his own apartment by way of the pen – (the leader who never steps out of their office) 

Al-Zarqawi – Fanatic who ruled through fear– (the authoritarian leader who only judges and yells)

About Dr. Rene Shingels

NATA Hall-of-Famer, Dr. Shingles has plenty of accomplishments behind her name.

You can check out her full university bio but she mentioned being the program director at Central Michigan, serving on the EDAC, and as a BOC Director.

How to spot Leadership Failures


Old school – “That is the way it has always been done”

Not asking why things are done, just changing them to change them

Charging ahead with plans that seem to be flawed from the start

What do Leadership Failures teach us?

Obviously they can teach us what not to do.

With Zealots like Hitler, Robespierre, Al-Zarqawi bad things can happen very quickly. Like a very hot flame the quickly sucks up all of the oxygen in the room, burns really hot and then burns itself off quickly, zealots can cause a lot of damage quickly.

When we do not evaluate the whole picture and stop to think “Am I getting all of the information?” we put ourselves at risk of repeating these terrible leaders.

John shared this quote:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. -Leaders Myth and Reality

If we do not take ownership we can easily be lead into some really dark places.

Who are you responsible to?

* Parents* Family* Spouse / Children* Supervisors* Patients* Clients* Friends* Society

How do we weather those times of bad leaders?

“if you do not know what you stand for, then you will fall for anything”

It all comes back to knowing WHY you are here at this place at this time with these current abilities.

Know your resources available to you.

Escalated situations typically show more about the aggressor than about you. There is always something under the surface.

Quote to end on

Professional development IS personal development – Dr. Kent Games