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Sports Medicine Broadcast

Leaders Mythology – 586

October 09, 2019

John Ciecko joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to help us understand some of the Mythology surrounding leaders in our leadership in AT series 2.0.

What is the Mythology surrounding leaders

Our cornerstone book this time around is by General Stanley McChrystal: Leaders Myth and Reality. You can pick up a copy using my affiliate link below if you are like John and like to mark up and sticky-note books.

Or you can try Audible and get a free book or hit up the public library and see if they have it.

What is leadership today? 

Leaders are the subject of constant scrutiny… and study. Too many of us are seduced by the mythology of what good leadership looks like… and we miss the reality. As a result, our models for identifying, educating and evaluating leaders falter or feel incomplete.  We intuitively know that leadership is critical to success in the modern world, but we don't really understand what leadership consists of.Prolouge from Leaders: Myth and Reality

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Leadership MythologyJohn Ciecko has been planning another leadership series since last October. This year we focus on the book Leaders Myth and Reality by General Stanley McChrystalThis is the first in a series so join us for all of them starting at 8:30 am CTPosted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Where is the rest of the Leadership Series?

* Leadership Mythology – John and Jeremy* Learning to Say NO – Dr. Kent Games* Bad Leaders – with Dr. Rene Shingles* Heroes – Kevin Parker* Three Myths of Leadership – Tory Lindley* Only One You – John and Jeremy

What is the book about:

This book is a take on the Roman historians Plutarch (’Ploo-tark’)  “Lives” where he compares and contrasts different Greek and Roman figures. 

McChrystal pairs and examines 12 different “leaders” as well as the life of Robert E. Lee, the leader of the Confederate Army during the Civil war.

Our favorite sections of the book

John likes Coco Chanel

Coco – “Creative and innovative people must rely on others to sustain their vision.” 

“We seem to follow leaders who put the mission first because we all make trade-offs and life is rarely simple or idealized. We want to be happy in our work, athletes also want to win, soldiers want to survive the battle and businesspeople want to prosper. – We sometimes take a leader's vision over their style.”

Jeremy enjoys the historical account shared throughout the book.

Takeaways from last year:


* Educating Others (my job, my expectations, my intent…) * Listening * “Leadership Loop”.


* It is easy to NOT take ownership* It is easy to keep the status quo.* Be prepared for anything – the start of year expectations* Applying knowledge from a book is hard for me without some sort of book study group and “seeing” what it looks like

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