Tailgate Party Sports Betting Podcast

Tailgate Party Sports Betting Podcast

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Free Play Sports Betting Podcast
April 22, 2024

Get in the Game with NBA Wisdom and More! 6 NBA and 3 NHL Victories, Plus MLB Triumphs What a slam dunk of an NBA Monday! We're talking about six epic NBA wins guided by a Wise Guy and three NHL victo

Top NBA Handicapper of 2024 With Free Winning ATS Lock
January 05, 2024

Hello, fellow sports fans! I'm excited to share my impressive NBA season record of 141-90, indicating a success rate of over 60% in my predictions. My triumphs are primarily attributed to leveraging N

Vegas Nightmare: Top Sports Bettor With Incredible Intel For Dec23
December 23, 2023

There is no such thing as a true lock in betting but LateInfos basketball picks are as close as it gets, not just this season, but since 1992. Big Reds Group has led LateInfo on our latest 6-0-1 exp

Boca Raton Bowl; Rams-Saints Betting Splits
December 21, 2023

NFL prop bet up for Thursday. Check back in the morning for more winners. I won again in NBA and college hoops. 111-76 NBA, including 7-2 NBA Wise Guys lately. Five NBA, one college winner led by two

Free College Football Pick For Thanksgiving Weekend, November 24
November 22, 2023

Free Sports Pick The Grandmaster has Thanksgiving NFL and college football, Friday NFL and college football, Saturday CFB and Sunday NFL. Four Wise Guys Saturday, two Sunday. As long as you have a pac

Leans AI: Ready for the Best Sports Betting Picks Thanks to Artificial Intelligence? Free NBA Bet
November 15, 2023

Check out the top pick from the legendary Joe Duffy at OffshoreInsiders.com! This weeknight, brace yourself for a triple threat of college football sides and totals. And hey, one side is getting upgra

Winning NFL Football Lock Pick Jumping on The Vegas Mistake
November 10, 2023

Welcome to a world of enchantment and thrill, where the stars align with the CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com, Joe Duffy, as your guide. With a mesmerizing record of 84-50 in the NFL, Joe has already summo

Celtics vs. Sixers Free NBA Bet
November 08, 2023

Get a free NBA winning pick from Joe Duffy for tonight. - Don't wait until you're drowning in losses from trusting your gut or following clueless "experts". Say goodbye to those blabbermouths paid by

Utah vs. USC Free Spread Pick Winner From Grandmaster Sports Handicapper
October 19, 2023

We're dominating the season, with a 63.73 percent win rate of 62-35 in the NFL. Our team is excited to announce this week's first wave of college football winners! Don't miss out on our Thursday picks

NFL Week 6 Free Pick From Top Sports Wagering Podcaster
October 12, 2023

Joe Duffys Picks: The AI-Powered Solution for Sports Bettors - For sports bettors who want a trustworthy source of information, Joe Duffys Picks is the place to go. With an outstanding track record