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The Future of Sports Betting with Frontrunner’s Neil Zhang | A $231 Billion Industry!

April 05, 2023
The Future of Sports Betting with Frontrunner's Neil Zhang | A $231 Billion Industry!

The world of sports betting is ridiculously big. According to Statista, the global sports betting industry reached $231 Billion in 2022. And it’s growing fast! We have to talk about it…

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we chat with Neil Zhang, the founder and CEO of Frontrunner. Frontrunner is a trailblazing decentralized sports prediction market set to revolutionize the way fans, investors, and sports betting enthusiasts engage with sports.

Discover how Frontrunner combines finance, sports betting, and blockchain technology to create a unique, dynamic experience for users. We cover everything including the impact of betting and fantasy sports on fan engagement, MLB’s challenges in keeping fans hooked, and even touch on the pressing issue of addiction in gambling. We discuss Neil’s insights into being a founder, managing stress, and the promising world of Web3. This episode is a must-listen for sports enthusiasts, millennials, Gen Z, and investors looking to stay ahead of the curve!

Two quotes from Neil Zhang that hit!

“It’s easier to be a sports fan today than at any time in history.”

“We all need to pair down Web3 for the better”

Topics discussed in this future of sports betting episode featuring Neil Zhang, founder and CEO of Frontrunner:

More about the guest, Neil Zhang:

Neil Brett Zhang was born in Philadelphia, and after moving to St. Louis, then to New York City, he returned to Philadelphia as a University of Pennsylvania student. He graduated with a BAS in computer science and fine arts in May of 2016. He worked in New York City as a member of Nielsen, primarily in data science before attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania for his MBA with a concentration in finance and marketing. Neil enjoys cooking and all things sports, with a particular interest in analytics and sports data modeling.

More on the vision of Frontrunner:

“In 2019, I placed a bet at the beginning of the season on the long shot San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. They would go on to make it to the Super Bowl but ended up losing. Despite being 99% right, I couldn’t cash in on my success. I then asked myself, “Why can’t I change my bet or position at any time and profit?” This one question turned into many I had with my friends, who became founders – all of them landing at the same conclusion – the modern sports fan is being underserved through antiquated ways of sports betting. The idea of stock market-style sports betting was born. (source:

Wrapping up:

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