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SE Remastered | Tom Murphy of the Seattle Mariners

June 24, 2022
Tom Murphy | Catcher | Seattle Mariners

Hard work and effort. Sounds easy. Sounds boring. Tom Murphy, catcher for the Seattle Mariners proves it is anything but easy and boring. Any ball player and any individual looking for a calming and inspiring influence would do well to watch how Tom carries himself on and off the field.

In an effort to amplify great people, we bring you this remastered episode from 2019. Every aspect of the conversation applies to today. This episode is a frequently listened-to episode. So we’re bringing it back — and as a classic deserves, it has been audio remastered for your 2022+ listening pleasure!

In this episode with Seattle Mariners, Tom Murphy, we take on the topics of:

  • MLB trades and their wide-ranging impact
  • showing up to a new city and new team
  • consuming yourself with training and film
  • family and the life of a ball player
  • learning from your parents
  • preparing for life after baseball
  • travel baseball and parents’ over-involvement in youth sports
  • the incredible talent in Major League Baseball

Tom Murphy previously played for the Colorado Rockies. In college, he attended and played baseball for the University of Buffalo.

We strive for this conversation to provide more context and different content than you’ll find anywhere else in regards to this ball player…this SportsEpreneur → Tom Murphy | thanks to Tom for engaging in this wide-open dialogue.

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