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The Sports Backdrop

SE61 | Ged Doughton | Make the First Easy Pass and the UNC Tar Heels

September 11, 2020

You’ve got great talent around you, just make the first easy pass and move. In this episode, we feature Ged Doughton, the last UNC Tar Heels basketball player to wear number 23 before Michael Jordan. Ged shares his stories around making the first easy pass, good habits, and the power of practice. 

Ged played for the UNC Tar Heels from 1976-1979 and was a part of four regular season ACC Championships during his time in Chapel Hill. He is currently the Sr. Director of Development at UNC Charlotte while also providing virtual assistance to basketball coaches and individual coaching to players.

With a focus on making the first easy pass, Ged brings simplicity and legendary leadership to the podcast.

We are grateful for the lessons and stories from North Carolina, Number 23, Ged Doughton! We hope you enjoy this powerful episode on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.


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Ged Doughton | Make the First Easy Pass and the UNC Tar Heels

Leadership’s Role in Change
Being Transparent in Communication
Ged Doughton On Making the First Easy Pass
Creating Good Habits By Practicing

Overcoming and Learning From Your Mistakes
Hiring For Talent and Attitude
The Impact of Social Media on Athletes
The 1976-1979 UNC Tar Heels and Number 23, Ged Doughton
Number 23 from North Carolina, Michael Jordan and Ged Doughton
Battling the “Could Have Won” Moments

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