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SE42 | Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson

February 25, 2020

Positively impacting the lives of baseball players, fans, and the city of Sacramento. In this SportsEpreneur Podcast episode, John Priore chats with Chip Maxson, General Manager of the Sacramento River Cats. The River Cats are the AAA Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  We discuss mentoring, the city of Sacramento, and leading a baseball organization. 

Chip was the 2019 Pacific Coast League Executive of the Year. He led the Sacramento River Cats to the 2019 AAA National Championship. 

John spent time with Chip at Sutter Health Park, the stadium the River Cats call home.

Chatting with leaders in the sports industry is a passion of ours at SportsEpreneur. So when John knew he would be spending time in Sacramento he made it a priority to connect with Chip Maxson, leader of the AAA National Champions. After we had the opportunity for a podcast discussion with Galen Duncan, a leader for the Sacramento Kings, it became clear to us that SacTown is a special community. John saw this Sacramento community first-hand and was impressed.

One thing that stood out was the way John was treated at the River Cats stadium. The people were gracious, the atmosphere was lively, and the culture was inspiring. Chip had a way of storytelling that we look for in a podcast guest and it’s obviously been an asset of his as he has grown in the baseball world. Besides sports and business lessons, tales of perseverance, and captivating baseball stories, we are motivated by the kindness of the River Cats and the city of Sacramento.

We’re grateful for Chip Maxson and everyone at the Sacramento River Cats for taking the time to chat with John and share stories on the SportsEpreneur platform.

Let’s get into the headlines of the episode: Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson Headlines
The City of Sacramento
Chip Maxson Background
How the River Cats Positively Impact the Community
From Intern to General Manager
The Mental Side of Minor League Baseball
The Importance of Networking and Education
Winning the 2019 National Championship
The 2020 Sacramento River Cats
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