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Audible Style | The Moment Matters: Embracing the Now in Sports

February 05, 2024
The Moment Matters: Embracing the Now in Sports

This is an audible-style blog post on embracing the now in sports — on the SportsE Media platform. The original article is titled “Championship or Bust.” And it focuses on why the moment matters.

  • Exploring the universal sentiment of sports fans’ championship aspirations across various cities and sports levels.
  • We highlight the statistical improbability of most teams winning, focusing on the NBA’s structure and the historical championship droughts of teams like the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, and Phoenix Suns.
  • Fan optimism vs. reality: Addressing the paradox of unwavering fan support despite the long odds against championship victories.
  • Proposing that the love for sports transcends championships, emphasizing the journey and experiences over the final outcome. The moment matters.
  • Personal reflection: Sharing an anecdote of watching a basketball game while ill, leading to a revelation about the significance of “the moment” in sports.
  • A Buffalo Bills anecdote: Illustrating the concept of “the moment” through a personal story of family, football, and the memories created beyond the game’s result.
  • Beyond the championship mindset: Questioning the sole pursuit of championships and highlighting the importance of aiming high while finding value in the moments experienced along the way.
  • The aim and the moment: Concluding thoughts on the balance between striving for success and cherishing the moments that sports and life offer.

Read The Moment Matters: Embracing the Now in Sports on SportsE Media.


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Main point: It’s not about the championships. It’s truly about the moments. My moment lying in bed feeling bad but enjoying the game. All those other moments I’ve spent watching games, exchanging texts with others, or watching with family and friends. It’s about the connections. It’s about witnessing something. It’s about entertainment. It’s about fun. It’s about coming together as a group. It’s about the discussions and the debates. It’s about life. It’s about this article. And all of those things are moments.

Eric Kasimov

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