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Spoken By Elswyth - Femdom Hypnosis

More Tasks for Submissive Men – Day 83

May 06, 2022

If you don’t remember what the instructions for today’s task were, you can go back to yesterday’s episode. You can even read the transcript to save some time.

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast that waffles between gentle and not quite.

Today is Day 83, and this should be a short and sweet episode, because all you want to know is what your next task is, right?

Well, today I want you to tell me the three phrases you would use to beg for what you want. Now these phrases don’t have to be all about orgasm, but… once you’ve begged to me, you’ll earn permission for release as well.

And now here’s the bad news dear; the third task won’t pop up here on the podcast feed until Monday. Even if I agree with your delicious begging, that doesn’t always mean you’ll get what you asked for right away.

But I thought it would be fun to share a little piece of the Give Me Three session right here, so keep listening and you’ll hear it next.

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