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Spoken By Elswyth - Femdom Hypnosis

Trifecta of Treats – Day 69

April 07, 2022


This is Spoken by Elswyth. the Femdom hypnosis podcast that waffles between gentle, and not quite. Lots of fun for the submissive man.

Today is Day 69. I am not a teenage boy and I generally can make it through “sixty-nine” without laughing, ummm… but I think it’s because all of my social outlet seems to be plagued with thankfully-not-covid but still-pretty-lousy colds. I’ve been a little starved, a little starved, for some face-to-face interaction.

Anyway, so today is Day 69 still. Shockingly enough. Tomorrow, for Day 70 we’re going to be adding to that Getting Longer, but for today, in honour of a bit of childish whimsy, I want you… I want you, to do something fun for me.

You know how there’s the Seven Deadly Sins, and I probably said this already but I had a friend, I had a friend who wanted to watch a movie together, which hey… that’s fine, whatever. And we’re going through different things and I said “Hey, have you seen the movie Se7en?” and they say “Is that the one that has Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box at the end?” and I’m like “I don’t know… I’ve never seen it.” so I ended up watching the movie and knowing that at some poi… oh, shit… Spoiler Alert, but I swear this movie is like a gazillion year’s old, so if you haven’t seen it I guess you get to experience it like I did, knowing that at some point her head is going to be in a box.

Now, let’s… let’s lighten up the deadly sins. If you want my permission today to have a really, really good orgasm, and you want to be my obedient boy and do a task, you have to pick three of these sins, and make them yummy. So instead of Seven Deadly Sins, they could be… Three, what goes with that? Y’know ‘cos Seven Deadly Sins kinda has a bit of a cadence to it… you’re going to do a Trifecta of Treats. Tell me how you would change those to be something wonderful for us.

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