Spoken By Elswyth - Erotic Mistress Hypnosis Sessions

Spoken By Elswyth - Erotic Mistress Hypnosis Sessions

Latest Episodes

Sunday – How do you find the spark?
April 11, 2021

Today's Eunoia explores the energy referred to time and again in the Sabriel session.

Flirty French maid trigger session “Pixie”
April 10, 2021

This is the first session in flirty, French maid pillar. Listen to the trailer and decide if "Pixie" is right for you.

The Eternal Suitor Trigger Session
April 10, 2021

Explore Sabriel's story. Your story. This is the hypnokink mind control session that many have begged me to dig into deeper.

Friday – What makes you do it?
April 09, 2021

Today's Eunoia digs into motivations of personas. We will start with the silly -and I use League of Legends to do it. For those of you completely unfamiliar with League, just roll with it. But do not download it.

Thursday – The Eternal Suitor
April 08, 2021

The poll is leaning towards the gentleman suitor. 69% on a day when there are 69 Patrons. Y'all are giving me ideas!

Wednesday – hypnosis personas and a new poll
April 07, 2021

Does a submissive guy's age matter? What do I notice about strangers? Is begging an art form? And hypnosis personas.. plus, a patron poll.

Eunoia – Questions, auras and your sexy gift
April 03, 2021

Explore the deepest expression of submission through mind control. Because I won’t allow you to be anything less than perfect for me.

Eunoia – Findom, Pain, and Science
April 02, 2021

A simplistic definition. Findom stands for financial domination. Men involved in findom send gifts, money, or hands over control of his finances.

Eunoia – Watch the video. I insist.
April 01, 2021

We're starting into our creative play with personas.. join in.

Eunoia – Eudemonia and Extra Homework
March 31, 2021

Your somewhat hidden permissive circumstance can be found here too.. do your homework first.