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Lemurian priestess & codes for ascension
August 18, 2019

Please listen carefully. Lumerians need you to help us with the upgrading of timelines

Arcturian transmission -political info
August 15, 2019

I have no idea about politics so I don't know what this message means lol. If you know what it means email me spiritualshaz@gmail.com

It’s your time starseeds - channeled from the Arcturians
April 07, 2019

For private light language activations and channelings please visit spiritualshaz.com

Throat chakra activations
March 22, 2019

Brief channeled message about the throat chakra from the Arcturians. For healing sessions, recordings and more visit spiritualshaz.com

Holographic rainbow light code transmission
March 12, 2019

Hello beautiful souls. I share my latest upgrade with you and attempt to pass on the healing light codes to you and whoever listens to this recording. May you be blessed with integrating these codes in as smooth an experience as possible. For personalized

March message for the collective
March 10, 2019

This is a channeled message for the collective. March is a very important month where a lot of people will be waking up. Be patient with yourselves and remember unconditional love for you and all others. We are all one. To book your own healing session or

Channeled message from the Arcturians- healing the inner child
March 01, 2019

Thank you for listening to this channeled message. To book your own personalized healing session and channeled recordings visit spiritualshaz.com.

Feb 15th Channeled Messages for the Collective
February 15, 2019

Lots to do with the heart chakra and changes in identity. Continuing to wrap up old cycles and patterns to be reborn this spring. If you are interested in a personal channeling session or recording please visit spiritualshaz.com or DM me on instagram @spi

Lumeria, Atlantis, and the importance of connection
February 10, 2019

Why it is so important to connect with one another at this time, and also more info about Lumeria and Atlantis. Plus Lumerian light language and a hopeful battle song type thing as well. If you want a personal session DM me on instagram spiritualshaz or e

Conversation with my Arcturian family
February 10, 2019

Forgot to mention that they also talked about the difference between Lumeria and Atlantis... you can probably pick that up a bit thru the audio lol but I’ll ask them about that again another time