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Fr Willie Purcell – Legacy of St Brigid
January 31, 2023

Fr Willie Purcell (from St. Fiacres Church Loughbouy in Kilkenny) reflects on the legacy of St Brigid, and shares how she lived out her faith through her work.

John Reynolds – sharing how his brother donated him a kidney and saved his life
January 27, 2023

John Reynolds shares his story with Kieran, of how his brother donated a kidney to him 7 years ago, and how it's saved his life.

Liz Tabbish who plays Mary Magdalene in the series The Chosen
January 27, 2023

Elizabeth Tabbish, who plays Mary Magdalene in the popular series The Chosen, chatted with Jacki Ascough about how playing the character has changed the course of her life and the powerful message of

New Irish Farm Rules Pose Extinction Risk to Farmland Birds
January 25, 2023

Oonagh Duggan from BirdWatch Ireland, speaks to Kieran about the new Irish farm rule introduced by the Irish Government thats posing extinction risk to threatened farmland birds.

How faith influenced the founder of Domino’s Pizza
January 23, 2023

TV and Radio Broadcaster Colm Flynn (live from Rome!) chats to Wendy about how faith influenced Thomas S Monaghan, the founder of one of the biggest pizza takeaway chains in the world, Dominos Pizza.

January 23, 2023

Peter Mahony from byyoursidetherapy spoke to Jacki Ascough about setting realistic goals and plans in ways which are Small, Achievable and Measurable.

Getting the best plan and value for money with Health Insurance
January 20, 2023

Dermot Goode, leading health insurance expert and founder of totalhealthcover.ie speaks to Wendy about getting the best plan and value for money with Health Insurance. - This is currently peak renewal

What happens to our body, mind, and overall wellbeing, when we give up alcohol?
January 19, 2023

Dr Christina Mulvany, GP with Webdoctor.ie speaks to Wendy about the known negative effects of alcohol on our overall wellbeing, body and mind, and gives advice for anyone considering making a lifesty

Mother shares the costs involved for her 2 sons with autism
January 17, 2023

Rebecca McDermott speaks to Wendy about the lengths she's had to go to for her 2 sons to be assessed for autism, and the staggering costs of 2,500 per month involved with private autism assessments a

Resources for Parents
January 17, 2023

Jill Holtz, co-founder of mykidstime.com spoke to Jacki Ascough about the resources, ideas and information they provide for parents.