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32: Chocolate Milk Economics
September 01, 2021

Episode Thirty Two:Louis and Oliver discuss how to exit a party using rocks, why it's important to invest in chocolate milk, what takes Queen Elizabeth I so long to get dressed and if edible cookbooks are the new way forward in this episode of... Spicy T

31: Shoulder Pads & Swans
June 09, 2021

Episode Thirty One:Ruby joins Oliver to discuss Jesters, add parachutes to humans, discuss the benefits of a dog shaped vacuum cleaner and stop shampooing their hair with peanut butter in this episode of... Spicy Times.Find out more at https://spicy-tim

30: Cheese Nationality
October 14, 2020

Louis and Oliver cuss playing cards, replace suits with pyjamas, learn about cheese nationality, make jumpers scary and wish for pink-lemonade breathing dragonflies in this episode of... Spicy Times.

29: Dystopian Shoes
September 30, 2020

Louis and Oliver hide rocks in their ice-cream, discuss why pirates are not respectable, create a way to identify personality using coasters and predict the shoe uprising in this revival episode of... Spicy Times. Credits: Starring Louis Barnes Jones &amp

28: Olive Oil
March 18, 2020

Episode Twenty Eight:Oliver and Louis discuss the use of polar bears in medicine, set up the worst library in existence, talk to trees to form strong friendships and insert jam into their conversation in this episode of... Spicy Times :)Find out more at

27: Golden Goose
February 05, 2020

Episode Twenty Seven:Louis and Oliver switch up the episode by not editing anything out whilst adapting the human body to fly, create a treasure hunt for true friendship, learn about awfully strange national days and talk way too much about geese in this

26: Rocks and Rats
January 29, 2020

Episode Twenty Six:Oliver and Louis are joined by special guest Alex: they learn how to morph pies into ginger bread man, chase mammoths into corporation headquarters, learn about why people with beards are more patient and make a pineapple starring film

25: Hot dogs in cold cars
January 15, 2020

Episode Twenty Five:Oliver and Louis skip their Victorian jobs, blame each other for breaking into a car, halt the salt in their lives and discover their designer underwear is fake in this episode of... Spicy times.Find out more at https://spicy-times.p

24: Colours & Shapes ⭐
January 08, 2020

Episode Twenty Four:Louis and Oliver dye their food purple, set up the cupcake mafia, invent the Jelly Xylophone and sell extremely inedible food in this episode of... Spicy Times!Find out more at https://spicy-times.pinecast.coThis podcast is powered

23: Wednesday Socks
November 13, 2019

Episode Twenty Three:Louis and Oliver debate what is a cake, evolve humans with trumpet noses, trust trolls to give riddles, explain why eggs don't need shaving and build a house out of immoral and impractical materials in this all new episode of... Spic