Speeda Fast Talks

Speeda Fast Talks

Latest Episodes

Episode 6: The Grand Return...
January 26, 2020

Max and Mitchell take on their first Instagram follower Q and A, and discuss their wrestling careers and more!

Episode 5: MC Hammered on bubly
March 05, 2019

Max, Mitchell, and Cora get MC hammered drinking some bubbly seltzer water. Which will be crowned the king? who knows.

Episode 4: Good Banta with a tall Australian
February 20, 2019

Just some good banta with my longtime friend Ben Mrowka. He is a huge fan of the show and an all around good guy. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 3: Rats or Gators?
February 13, 2019

Sorry for the wait! A little bit different episode than what we are ust to. Give it a listen, love out listeners!

Episode 2: Got takes? Hot Takes.
February 04, 2019

Bringing on our first guest speaker, Mason joins us for some hot takes. Love making these podcasts, keep on listening!

Podcast 1 Pilot - Favorites
January 29, 2019

Our first ever episode, where Max and Mitchell chat about their favorite things amount many genres! A quick listen, but worth the time. Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!