Speaking of Sex

Speaking of Sex

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SoS #353: Passionate Transitions with Lucie Fielding
October 04, 2019

On coming into a passionate relationship with your embodied sexual self... and a discussion about what that means!

SoS #352: Sexual Frustration
September 27, 2019

Sexually Frustrated? You are so not alone! Dive into the truth about sexual frustration and how to take the edge off!

SoS #351: Desire: The Pleasure Of Wanting
September 20, 2019

Desire is all about wanting. Desire is a powerful force that motivates us and pulls us towards pleasure and joy. Join us for a massive reframe of this most potent force in our lives.

SoS #350: Libido Lost and Found: An Interview With Vanessa Marin
September 12, 2019

Lost your libido? Libido troubles getting in the way of your relationship? Join sex therapist Vanessa Marin to discover how to get more curious about your libido

SoS #349: Rethinking Libido Problems
September 06, 2019

Low Libido? Loss of Libido? Libido Mismatch? Libido problems are one of the most common sexual struggles - but it is time to rethink libido problems and end the struggle!

SoS #348: Becoming A More Satisfied Mama with Dana B Myers
August 30, 2019

What does erotic satisfaction look like as a parent? How can we reconnect to our sense of eroticism after a day of diapers? Dana B Myers joins us to discuss her new program, The Satisfied Mama online course

SoS #347: Falling In Love With Erotic Massage
August 23, 2019

Here's how we fell in love with erotic massage, and then with each other as erotic massage professionals!

SoS #346: Sharing Erotic Massage With The World - Joseph Kramer Interview Part 2
August 09, 2019

Joseph Kramer shares the story of how he taught the world about erotic massage

SoS #345 : The Origins of Erotic Massage - Joseph Kramer Interview Part 1
August 02, 2019

Erotic pioneer Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. shares his life story in this interview with Chris Maxwell Rose

SoS #344: How To Make Oral Sex More Intense
July 26, 2019

Stuck at the "good enough" stage of sensation? Things feel good, but not explosive? Here's how to amp up the intensity.