Communication, Connection, Community: The Podcasters' Podcast

Communication, Connection, Community: The Podcasters' Podcast

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Mastering Podcast Growth: Automation, Engagement, and Marketing Insights with Alex Thoric
May 22, 2024

Unlock the secrets of keeping your podcast top-of-mind with the wizardry of marketing automation, as we unfurl innovative strategies with our guest, Alex Thoric. As a Taekwondo master and marketing guru, Alex brings a unique perspective on building system

Finding Your Voice in Business and Beyond: Lessons in Confidence, Connection, and Communication with Catarina Rando
May 16, 2024

Emerging from my cocoon of shyness, I found my voice in the clatter and chaos of the food service world, a tale not unlike that of Catarina Rando, our episode's guiding star. Catarina's metamorphosis from a reserved cafe owner to a powerhouse in the realm

Elevate Your Influence Through Strategic Podcast Appearances, with Jem Fuller
April 23, 2024

If you're a savvy coach, consultant or subject matter expert who speaks to get the word out about what it is you do, you know the value of stage time. A podcast is essentially stage time. There are some things though you need to be aware of before just ju

Crafting Connections Through Podcast Evolution and Audience Engagement
April 16, 2024

If you want to learn anything these days you can just 'Google that.' Everything from how to bake a cake to what ailment you have. The challenge is there is a lot of misinformation being shared out there, and not just on the worldwide web. Some well meani

Mastering Time and Impact: The Art of Crafting a Powerful Podcast with Limited Hours
April 12, 2024

Ever felt like time is the tyrant holding you back from launching your passion project? Banish that belief as Tony Gyenis, a spirit coach and Tuning Fork master teacher, joins us to reveal the secrets that allowed him to weave his expertise in Feng Shui a

Breaking the Time Myth: How to Fit Podcasting into Your Busy Life
April 11, 2024

Ever felt like you're running a race against the clock, especially when dreaming of starting your own podcast? Let's bust that myth together. We continue our myth-busting series with a candid conversation on the infamous time myththe belief that there ju

Conquering Tech Fears to Launch Your Dream Podcast: Wisdom from Entrepreneur Diana Lidstone
April 10, 2024

Have you ever let the fear of technology stop you from chasing a dream? Our guest, Diana Lidstone, a vibrant entrepreneur and podcast host, almost didbut she's here to tell us why she didn't let that happen. Diana faced the tech terrors of podcasting he

Simplifying Podcast Technology for Coaches and Consultants: Mastering Your Message and Soaring to Success
April 09, 2024

Ever felt the shiver of tech trepidation before taking the podcast plunge? You're not alone, but today's episode is your tech angst antidote! With three decades of broadcasting wisdom tucked under my belt, I'm here to guide you through untangling the inti

Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Content: Katherine Burrows on Mastering Podcasting with Repurposed Material
April 08, 2024

Embark on a transformational journey with Katherine Burrows, the ghostwriter and book coach extraordinaire, who deftly navigates the podcasting world with her show, The Write Connection. Discover how she debunked the myth that scripted perfection is neces

Unleashing Your Voice: How to Craft Authentic Podcast Episode Content and Expand Your Reach
April 07, 2024

Step out of the shadows and shatter the 'content myth' that's been holding you back from starting your podcasting journey. This episode is your guide to turning your personal experiences and professional insights into captivating podcast episodes. I'll sh