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Sparked Out

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10.5 - Mid Week PPV Preview - UFC 237 Edition
May 10, 2019

UFC 237 is nearly upon us which means we’re back with another Mid Week PPV Preview. Expect some mega lols as we massage some gloriously mirthful MMA analysis directly into your ear drums.Plus a quick recap of UFC Fight Night 151 which saw our...

10. The Globalists Are Invading. I Can See Them Approaching on the Horizon, Because the Earth is Flat.
May 01, 2019

Episode 10! We follow Super Sage Northcutt on a mission down his inquisitive wonder hole for answers to questions nobody else dares (or thinks) to ask. What are Pyramids? 3D Triangles, or something more?Next we check in with pebble brained wa...

1. The Nice Guys of MMA and The Ballad of Chris Weidman
January 27, 2019

Our Debut episode. MMA's sweethearts. The fighters who don't talk smack. Handsome, gentle Joseph Duffy and earnest intellectual Ross Pearson. Pre-fight presser pleasantries. This week we ask, what's the space for the nice guys of combat sports?&nbsp...