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EPS 56: Implanted Memories, False Memories, and False Confessions - Spark My Muse

March 31, 2016

The more you remember the less accurate your particular memory is. That means that reality you remember isn’t really what it seems.

Dr Steven Porter is the founding Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Psychological Science & Law at the University of British Columbia. There researcher Julia Shaw was able implant memories in their study participants so easily that 70% confessed to serious crimes they never committed after only 3 short sessions. The team did this using tactics far less harsh than typical law enforcement of government agencies do on a regular basis.

Find out why and how people create false memories so detailed and convincing that they believe they are truly guilty and how all of us are quite susceptible and what can be done to reeducate people on how the brain forms memories, whether true or fictions, in the first place, so the actual criminals are the ones who get incarcerated.

Other topics covered:
Repressed memories
Law Enforcement Tactics
The statics on false confessions
Judicial System reform
Education on the human brain and ow memory works
Identity and memory
Enhanced Interrogation and Torture
Youth and interrogation tactics
The role of emotion in implantation of memories and recall
The role of false guilt
The psychopathic personality

Dr Porter is also an expert in credibility assessment and deception detection. He helps authorities and serves as an expert consultant when it is necessary to know whether a person is giving accurate testimony and is a credible witness or is engaging in deceptive behavior. Dr Porter will reveal some extremely surprising information about how to detect deception that flies in the face of everything you’ve come to know about how liars lie. (Bonus material)

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