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15 – The Sound of the Universe
July 20, 2021

Professor Mark Whittle is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia and has been part of their academic team since 1986. He specialises in stars, galaxies, cosmology, solar systems, and v

14 – Hanging on the Telephone
July 01, 2021

We’ve all been at the end of a phone call that seems to never run out of automated responses. No matter what we do, we keep getting a computer to tell us their lines are busy, which feels like their c

13 – The World’s Favourite Sound
June 08, 2021

In all my years of working with sound, I’ve only ever encountered one person who disliked birdsong. The birds have been on Earth far, far longer than we have, so it’s no surprise that their songs affect us. -

11 – Listen to the Future with Gerd Leonhard and David Houle
May 21, 2021

The future opens up to a sea of change in the way we communicate with others. As we move from visual to auditory user interfaces, from typing and peering at screens to speaking and listening to others, smart speakers like Siri and Alexa are just the fi...

12 – How to achieve super-additivity with Prof. Charles Spence
May 21, 2021

Professor Charles Spence is the Crossmodal Research Laboratory Head at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University. He studies how the human brain manages to process and analyze external stimuli to create vibrant multisensory experienc...

10 – Workplace secrets with Tim Oldman
April 22, 2021

It seems to be common sense to create workspaces that support people in being productive, that they enjoy working in, and that they feel proud to be a part of. Sadly, that has not always been the case. To determine which aspects of a workspace matter t...

09 – A Cool Reception
April 22, 2021

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen (or more accurately, heard) many businesses and organizations miss the mark and make mistakes when trying to apply sounds in their business. One of the most common audio clangers I’ve come across is the reception...

08 – Making sense with Dr. Sally Augustin
April 22, 2021

Design awards are handed out all over the world - for how things look. Yet we experience the world in at least five senses and they all affect how we feel, think, and act. There's a great deal of scientific research on the impact of all these inputs,

07 – The Audio Revolution
April 22, 2021

For a long time, sound has been a nice-to-have in business. Something you could think about, but not really essential. But that, my friend, is changing. Sound today matters more than ever because there’s an audio revolution happening.

06 – The Post-Covid Office with Prof. Jeremy Myerson
April 22, 2021

One of the most profound and possibly long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the change in the way people work - especially those who were working in open-plan offices. “WFH” has become a familiar acronym as people discover all the joys and t...