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Soul Nectar Show

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Committing To Yourself with T.W. Durfy
September 29, 2019

What do you do when your life gets so far off track that it feels like the Titanic about to hit an iceberg? How do you muster the commitment to change? T.W. Durfy slid so deep into a depression over the loss of a relationship that he was reliant on alc...

Unconditional Love with Laurie Seymour
September 22, 2019

Is unconditional love an idea you would like to feel? For most of us, it’s a concept we are trying to understand, but for Laurie Seymour, it’s an experience she had with her father who died when she was seven. Since her childhood,

Sacred Retreat with Jacqueline Lauren
September 15, 2019

After contending with a toxic neighbor in her urban rowhome, Jacqueline Lauren realized she needed space in a natural setting to restore her energy…she needed a sacred retreat. Now Jacqueline shines her light from a rural farm with her Realign with the...

Grieving for Joy with Yvonne Heath
September 08, 2019

Perhaps it was her family lineage that called her to become a nurse, or perhaps it was her destiny. Either way, Yvonne Heath spent decades serving people who were suffering, and holding space for their families. When grief hit her own heart,

Expressing the Mystical with Katherine Skaggs
September 01, 2019

Growing up in conservative rural religious Oklahoma, the last thing Katherine Skaggs thought she would be was a mystical visionary artist and teacher. One fateful day in her mid 20’s Katherine entered a mystery school where a woman with a crystal ball ...

Exposing Family Secrets with Berni Slowey
August 25, 2019

For most of her life, Berni Slowey has carried the burden of losing her 2 year old sister Rose as her family was evacuating Siagon. In our last interview with Berni, “Setting the Cobra Free” (,

What It Takes To Live A Passionate Life with Dr Mara Karpel
August 18, 2019

After eight years of intense graduate school in clinical psychotherapy for her PhD, Dr Mara Karpel did not remember what made her feel passionate anymore. And she knew that feeling passionate was a key ingredient for happiness.

Going North with Dom Brightmon
August 11, 2019

What do millennials, weed of knowledge, Jesus, going north, and community libraries have in common? Dom Brightmon (code name: Pun-isher), a born-again Christian, author, library assistant, podcaster and professional speaker brings it all together in su...

Celebrating Us Women with HeatherAsh Amara
August 04, 2019

How can women step out of centuries of conditioning to celebrate ourselves and other women? HeatherAsh Amara has been exploring this question for decades, and now teaches other women as part of her Warrior Goddess community. As you may remember,

Stepping Into Our Knowingness with Sara Troy
July 28, 2019

Talking to dead people was normal for Sara Troy when she was a child. She just could not figure out why everyone else couldn’t see the people she saw. As you can imagine, this early start being ‘different’ has led Sara to trust her own instincts,