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Soul Nectar Show

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Respect with Don Jose Ruiz
December 13, 2020

Growing up as the son of Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz learned that the whole world was magic, and his job was to find his own unique medicine to love the love of his life. When he dove into the shadows of addiction as a teenager,

Singing Ancient Magic with Emma Cairo
December 06, 2020

Growing up with a mom who was a family therapist and reiki healer, and a dad who was a jazz musician, opened Emma Cairo up in a natural way to spirituality and music. This early training was helpful when Emma’s father passed,

The Tao of Influence with Karen McGregor
December 02, 2020

After a lifetime of achievement and striving for perfection, Karen McGregor, then a mother of 8 and 10 year olds, was grieving that her marriage was coming to an end. During an intense moment of clarity, Karen received a vision of Mother Mary who told ...

Finding Your Answers with Juliane Nowe
November 29, 2020

Chronically ill from the time she was very young, Juliane Nowe kept trusting the advice she was getting from her parents and doctors, and things kept getting worse. When the threat of permanently losing her voice loomed over her,

Deep Listening with Natalie Schlute
November 22, 2020

Growing up empathic and highly intuitive in a big family led Natalie Schlute to become overwhelmed by everyone’s emotions, and also aware that not everyone was perceiving the energy the way she was. Not knowing how to process everything she was picking...

Freedom From Pain with Dipal Shah
November 15, 2020

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade, Dipal Shah was convinced there was a pill for every ailment. But when the pills did not help her chronic digestive issues, she began exploring outside the box for alternative solutions to heal h...

Divinely Guided by Jennifer Weber
November 08, 2020

Growing up non-Mormon in Utah, Jennifer Weber wondered whether God was for her, too. She became spiritually curious after her father had an out-of-body experience, and opened up to the Divine. Messages and insights began flooding into her,

Firefighting From Within with Dave Pamah
November 01, 2020

When he became a firefighter, Dave Pamah began to realize that there were lots of fires to fight beyond the flames he found in burning buildings. He found himself face-to-face with racism and bullying that had to be overcome for teamwork that could sav...

Lifetimes with Kevin Mackey
November 01, 2020

Sandwiched in between a stressful corporate job and stressful family living arrangement, Kevin Mackey broke down in misery and asked for a sign from the Universe. A few nights later he received a powerful mystical experience as a snowy owl flew towards...

Altering Reality with Trey Jackson
October 25, 2020

After doing all the right things and landing the perfect corporate job, Trey Jackson realized he was miserable. So he began opening to commune with his soul during dreamtime, and very quickly he had a dream in which he was shown a certain house he need...