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Episode 5.16: "Sox suck. Vibes suck."
July 31, 2023

Sox suck. Vibes suck. Trade returns are questionable? Is there hope for the future? Can the Sox actually compete in 2024? All this and more on this week’s episode! --- Support this podcast:

Episode 5.15: "Gio's Swan Song"
July 18, 2023

EDITOR'S NOTE: We recorded before Gio's really rough start (Tommy was very wrong lolllll)We're back after Steve's honeymoon! We talk about the likely end of Lucas Giolito'stenure as a White Sox and what that means on a grander scale

Episode 5.14: "Gotta Trade 'Em All"
July 08, 2023

And just like that, the Sox are even further back in the AL Central! We talk about the Southsiders being sellers at the deadline. However, to what extent? The boys debate "rebuilding the rebuild" and what pieces should be on the trading block in

Episode 5.13: "We’re back, Sox aren’t"
July 01, 2023

We took eight weeks off, and the Sox are still sitting in 4th place in the AL Central! We talk about this team and what they should do at the All-Star break and the deadline. Additionally, we discuss what a full-scale rebuild would look like and what othe

Episode 5.12: "It's PedrOver"
April 29, 2023

White Sox are on a nine game skid, and it hasn't been particularly good in any aspect. We talk about what that means for the team this year and for the years to come. Rick Hahn's GM tenure has been a failure, so does ownership make any kind of mov

Episode 5.11: "White Sux"
April 22, 2023

Our White Sox continue to disappoint. On this episode of the Sons of Hahnarchy, Tommy and Steve have a lot to get off their chest. Is this organization going down the route of the Oakland A's? Is there any hope for this team this year or the years to

Episode 5.10: "Bullpen Bad, Christ Colome Comes"
April 07, 2023

Back with another installment of the Sons of Hahnarchy, the boys discuss the bullpen woes (and other pitching problems) that our Southsiders are currently facing. We talk about the DFA of Jose Ruiz, the return of Christ (Colome), keeping everything in per

Episode 5.9: "Baseball is BACK. Let's Overreact!"
April 02, 2023

Opening Week of baseball is here, and so is another installment of the Sons! We talk all things Sox through the firest three games of the season, complain about ESPN, and give you some overreactions from what we've seen this series against Houston so

Episode 5.8: "26-Man & Cautious Optimism"
March 26, 2023

On this episode of the Sons of Hahnarchy podcast, the boys get together to chat about the opening week of baseball. It is finally here!There is cautious optimism in the air with chatter about the 26-man roster coming together and Steve's obsession wi

Episode 5.7: "Bleav in Hahnarchy"
March 11, 2023

Back in the saddle this episode with the Bleav Boys!  Tommy is joined by his normal two-timing podcast co-host Steve and the  better half of the Bleav in the Southside show, Cary. The trifecta talks  all things White Sox going into the