Sum of My Imperfections with Fay Zenoff

Sum of My Imperfections with Fay Zenoff

Dr. Dawn Nickel, Founder of She Recovers in conversation with Fay Zenoff

November 15, 2021

Recovery Strategist Fay Zenoff speaks with Dr. Dawn Nickel of She Recovers to learn how she founded this dynamic global organization; explore the expansive and inclusive women's recovery movement that She Recovers propels; and identify ways for people to get involved. Learn more about Fay Zenoff

Episode One Guest: Dr. Dawn Nickel is a respected thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere and Founder of SHE RECOVERS Foundation, a not-for-profit grassroots organization that inspires hope, reduces stigma, and empowers women in or seeking recovery for substance use, mental health and other life challenges. Dawn is also a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, with a PhD in health care policy. In her advocacy and volunteer work, as well as in her career as a researcher and consultant, Dawn has focused largely on exploring how best to support women who experience substance use disorders, mental health issues and intimate partner violence, the three issues that prompted Dawn to start her own personal recovery journey in 1987.