Something to Chew On

Something to Chew On

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Revitalizing Rural Grocery: Building stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities
April 29, 2024

When a rural grocery store becomes untenable, the repercussions can be far-reaching. Access to fresh and healthy foods is crucial for community vitality and overall well-being. By cultivating robust p

Tackling complex water resource challenges through collaboration and community engagement
February 28, 2024

Water, the essence of life itself, stands as our most indispensable resource, yet often goes unappreciated. Water scarcity and sustainability pose formidable hurdles with far-reaching implications for

Beyond Borders: Advancing Biosecurity through Global Partnerships
January 27, 2024

In an era of transformative global shiftsdefined by evolving commodity trade patterns, the rise of online shopping, and economic challengesa critical reevaluation of biosecurity strategies is impera

The challenges of contamination and maintaining quality flour in the wheat milling industry
November 25, 2023

Milling of wheat into flour seems like it would be pretty straight forward. An application that simply requires running seed though a crushing process and sifting out the flour as the appropriate par

Grit and Sunshine: Farming Sustainably and Eating with Intent
May 19, 2023

Is our current food system sustainable? The consumption of seasonal, locally produced food sustains nutritional value, reduces the carbon footprint, and supports the growth of local economies. In man

Impacting the food system and changing lives in Manhattan and Riley County
May 01, 2023

There are so many needs when it comes to food, including the availability of food and its impact on health. How does one make a difference to meet these needs? The ability to identify needs and a pass

Food security challenges for university students
April 19, 2023

Food availability and food security are not always guaranteed on college campuses. Issues of food insecurity and a lack of food certainly do not end at the campus borders, but rather extend out into t

Food and poetry: Exploring the connection between food, the five senses, creativity and language
April 12, 2023

Poetry provides a conduit for engaging readers in fostering feelings and understandings. Food, creativity, language, and words all play a significant role in our lives and relationships. In the latest

Connecting food security and food safety, locally and beyond
March 06, 2023

How do we maintain relevant information on public health in the arena of local food producers? Is there a connection between food security and food safety? How do we make information on mitigating th

Big data, interdisciplinary research and the future of agriculture
February 02, 2023

The agriculture industry has advanced in many positive ways, including increases in productivity and efficiency, but the cost of those advancements could be high. Current research in agronomy is seeki