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Het Leesvirus
April 18, 2020

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Paris, The City of Strikes
January 20, 2020

It's the seventh week of the National Strike. Will we see any major developments, or will the country stay chaotic over the next couple of days? What's at stake in the upcoming local Elections? Will

How to survive the Strike of the Decade?
December 02, 2019

This week: Black Thursday is coming! On December 5, a national strike will paralyze the country. It could well last until the New Year. How to survive what could become the biggest strike in decades? Another black day for the French Army, when 13...

Why the French are terrible at languages (and what they can do about it)
November 16, 2019

Parlez-vous franglais? The French are not known for speaking English fluently. Or any other foreign language. Our guest, Giuseppe Fantigrossi of the start-up Play2Speak, will tell us why that is the case, and more importantly: how the French can...

While New York City is banning foie gras, the French are hooked on Halloween
November 03, 2019

Seine-Saint-Denis is France's poorest district. In 2024 it will be the main site of the Olympic Games. This week the government presented a plan to improve life for its 1.6 million inhabitants. What are the challenges? And is the plan sufficient?...

Why headscarves to the French are like red rags to a bull
October 20, 2019

Once every while debate rages in France about Muslim veils. This week another high-point was reached: the topic was discussed in no less than 85 (!) TV programmes, with 286 talking heads, not one of them being a veil wearing muslim woman... In the...

French Media go bananas about Chirac's death
October 04, 2019

Hosts Sara and Stefan are baffled by this week's media frenzy following former President Jacques Chirac's death. Why did French media go bananas with their coverage? They also discuss the fire at the chemical plant in Rouen. The aftermath showed once...

Back to School!
September 21, 2019

The schools have started again, the Rentrée is almost forgotten, yet the debate on how to reform the old fashioned and underperforming French education system is still raging. The OECD published a report comparing school systems around the World,...

Threats and trees: Brazil gets personal with Macron
September 07, 2019

The crazy hot Europan Summer is over and that means we're back with So French! It is our fifth Season already. And we are recording in a brand new studio not far from the Eiffel Tower. In this week's episode: France is getting serious about...

Bastille Day Edition - special Guest: Lindsey Tramuta
July 13, 2019

A special guest: Lindsey Tramuta, from Lost in Cheesland