Latest Episodes

13 - Loving two people at the same time?
April 06, 2019

It's not uncommon now to find ourselves in a situation where we are stuck in between stepping forward or moving backwards, but it gets even more confusing when you wanna do both at one time. This podcast aims to give a hint towards working out a not so un

12 - Prioritise Happiness
April 06, 2019

We often forget in our race of work, money, ambition and competition that the word professional life is just a corporate term for work hours, your life is your personal and it should not be spent doing things you don't like under the charades of the word

11 - Take control now
April 06, 2019

Ever felt that your life is dismantled? Maybe it's time to fix things! Here are a few things that about your life that you can effectively control and get happiness knock in early.

10- Heartbreaks are necessary!
March 07, 2019

Dealing with heartbreaks can be really hard, especially if you take a toll on yourself. Apparently you are not the one to be blamed, we are the first generation openly dating in India and hence its not easy to accept rejection. Here in this microcast we t

09 - Don't Fear Change
March 07, 2019

Ever thought how your life would have been if you had not acted a certain way? Ever been stuck at a stagnant stage wondering what next? Ever felt your weakness dragging you down? Here is a small tip on how to own your weakness and turn it into a catalyst

08-Process vs Product
February 23, 2019

To everyone who is trying to build something, please don't build your life around the final product, love the process and the product will be amazing on its own.

07-Single on valentines?
February 23, 2019

This microcast deals with how to possibly get yourself to the gether and outside of the view that you necessarily need to have a date on valentines.

06 - The Illusion of Fear
February 01, 2019

Fear lives in the future and we live in the present. This podcast segment deals with how our fear often is just an Illusion of our mind's confusion and insecurities also, how by living in the present, we can suppress feelings of hurt and fear.

05 - Decoding Friendzone
January 27, 2019

So we took this topic because someone asked me and also I see people using this term in a very negative manner. Here we decode the word friendzone and how it comes into existence and how to possibly get yourself out of the delusional negativity of the hyp

04 - Struggle is real and so is Anxiety
January 19, 2019

We all struggle in life and most of us feel anxious about our struggles too with questions like will it ever end? Or why me? The podcast is my personal experience with anxiety, how I calm it and how we should not fall in the comparison trap, accept our an